We are thrilled to announce our latest innovation in dog wellness: the Superfoods Cranberry YAKERS. The first of its kind in the UK market, this blend promises not only mouthwatering flavour but also a rich combination of health benefits for dogs.

The Superfoods Cranberry YAKERS retains all the excellent benefits of the original YAKERS flavours, helping reduce plaque and tartar, packed full of protein and calcium and low in fat, plus the added cranberry helps bolster the immune system and promote urinary tract health.

The Superfoods Cranberry YAKERS also contains pomegranate, an incredible source of antioxidants – and pumpkin seeds for a fibre boost, aiding digestive wellness and offering essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These elements are vital in maintaining a radiant skin and lustrous coat, keeping dogs feeling and looking their best.

Understanding the occasional gastrointestinal challenges dogs face, Superfoods Cranberry YAKERS has also incorporated activated charcoal into this blend. This natural ingredient can potentially soothe and alleviate symptoms of mild gastrointestinal upset when needed, making it a holistic health chew.

“We always strive to offer the very best for dogs, and with this new flavour, we’ve managed to combine taste and health in a way never seen before in the UK market. We believe Superfoods Cranberry YAKERS will soon become a household favourite,” says Ellie Hall, YAKERS brand manager at Kennelpak.

Superfoods Cranberry YAKERS is now available through our wholesalers and retailers.

30th Jan 2024

new YAKERS cranberry chew

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