How do I become a stockist?

Becoming a YAKERS stockist couldn’t be easier, simply contact our sales team and we’ll be in touch to discuss your requirements.

What marketing support do you offer?

We offer a range of marketing tools for YAKERS stockists, including in-store POS and digital imagery for websites and social media.

Do you offer YAKERS merchandising solutions for stores?

Yes. There are a variety of options available depending on the size of your store. Simply contact our sales team who will discuss your requirements and find the perfect solution for your retail space.

What are YAKERS made from?

YAKERS are made from cheese that comes from a blend of yak and cow’s milk. We then add the smallest amount of Lime Juice and Salt to help turn the milk into cheese. For our flavoured YAKERS, the 100% natural ingredients are added as part of the mixing process.

How are YAKERS made?

YAKERS are made from a mix of skimmed yak and cow’s milk. A very small amount of lime juice and salt is added to help solidify the milk, which is then compressed into blocks and smoke dried for 28 days to give the chews their unique smoky flavour.

Why are some YAKERS different in colour and why do they smell smoky?

YAKERS are smoked in the Himalayas using traditional methods. Each chew is laid on drying racks and they dry using traditional smoking sheds. The chews are moved up in height weekly over a 4-week period as they dry so that they are further away from the smoker, so the difference in colour shouldn’t be too great, however a darker colour just means that they have had more smoke than others. This colour may vary slightly from batch to batch too.

Why do YAKERS have the dimples on the sides?

The dimples appear when the cheese is being compressed into blocks, as they are wrapped in muslin cloth.

What is the best way to store YAKERS?

Keep your YAKERS in a cool and dry place.

How old does my dog have to be for YAKERS?

YAKERS are suitable for all dogs aged 4 months and over.

Are YAKERS high in fat as they are made from cheese?

No, YAKERS chews contain only 5.2% fat, as the cheese used is made from skimmed milk. All of the cream is removed during the first stage of manufacturing.

Isn’t salt bad for dogs?

Salt in large amounts is harmful for dogs as it is for humans. However, in YAKERS we only use a tiny amount of salt along with lime juice to get the cheese to harden at the very start of the manufacturing process. YAKERS is less than 0.1% salt.

Aren’t dogs lactose intolerant?

Not all dogs are lactose intolerant, but if they are, there is less than 1% Lactose in YAKERS. The reason is that both the Cream and the Whey are removed from the milk as part of the manufacturing process, meaning that the levels of lactose are very, very low.

Are YAKERS Vegetarian?

Yes they are. YAKERS chews are made from only milk, lime juice and salt.

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