We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, a renowned charity dedicated to providing life-changing assistance to deaf people and people with hearing loss.

Over the two-year collaboration, every purchase of YAKERS will support Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, helping fund the training, enrichment and placement of assistance dogs that empower deaf individuals to lead more independent lives.

YAKERS natural dog treats stand out for their commitment to pet wellbeing with their mission to provide high-quality, nutritious treats for pets, YAKERS emphasizes the use of natural ingredients and responsible sourcing in crafting their products.

Not only will every purchase of YAKERS support Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, but the natural occupier treats are already used whilst the dogs are in training.

“YAKERS Chews are a great treat for hearing dogs in training, we use them daily to help keep the dogs in training mentally stimulated during their down time.” said David Robson, spokesman for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People“

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People provides specially trained dogs to alert deaf individuals to important sounds and enhance their overall quality of life. By partnering with YAKERS, the charity gains a valuable partner in expanding its reach and creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for those with hearing impairments.

YAKERS colleagues will also be undertaking several fundraising activities in the coming year, including events held across their retail arm Pets & Friends.

We encourage our customers, partners, and the community at large to join in supporting this worthy cause. By choosing YAKERS products associated with the charity initiative, customers can directly contribute to the ongoing success of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

30th Jan 2024

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